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Migrating To Australia Podcast

Jun 18, 2020

Something totally different today for you! A walk through of the case for skills-based Permanent Migration with a couple from the United Kingdom.

Amanda Younes reached out to us, via the Migrating To Australia Podcast website, and that contact resulted in a discussion with David, walking through the situation of herself and partner, Liam, and the ways they might be able to migrate to Australia as Engineers.

A lengthy examination of the available options, the points that may be achieved and possible strategies are explored. This episode will benefit any couples, especially professionals, who are considering migrating together.

Australia's points-based skilled migration system can be difficult to get your head around. Understand it better by following through this episode.

Here is a list that you need to be familiar when considering Skilled Migration;

ANZSCO - Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations - November 1990 issue

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