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Migrating To Australia Podcast

Dec 2, 2019

David and Grant talk to Eshan, who is about to complete a PhD examining the socio-economic dynamics of Indian students who are studying, or have studied in Australia.

Eshan has been in Australia as a student for 11 years, the last 5 working on his PhD.  He is also a lecturer at Latrobe University, Melbourne Polytechnic and Chisholm TAFE.  As part of his thesis he has interviewed Indian students in Australia and in India who have studied at Australian universities and colleges, examining why they chose Australia as a destination, what difficulties did they face and what did they do when they completed their study?

Following a pathway that has taken him from physics into business and economics education, Eshan is candid about why he chose to study in Australia, how he managed to fund himself for 11 years and how he uses his experiences to assist the international students who are fortunate to have him as a lecturer.

Eshan also talks about the growth of the Indian community in Australia and the cultural events and support for Indians in Australia.

David also explores the substantial achievements in the martial arts that Eshan has, running alongside a very successful academic and personal journey in more than a decade in Australia.

Eshan discusses how sees the education environment in Australia, what he would change, if given the opportunity, and what he will do when his thesis is published.